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Superman And Lois Lane Will Be In This Year’s ARROWVERSE Crossover!


The Arrowverse crossover this year has been hyped since before the season’s ended last year. It will involve The Flash, The Green Arrow, and Supergirl meeting Batwoman in Gotham City! While the Legends of Tomorrow will not be involved, there are two huge characters who will show up.

Deadline reports that Tyler Hoechlin will return to the Arrowverse as Superman for the crossover, and he will be joined by Lois Lane. It was later confirmed by DC on Twitter.

It was rumored that Hoechlin was returning to episode 3 of this season’s Supergirl, but this is even more exciting. Supergirl‘s executive producers are excited about it too.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Lois Lane to the Arrowverse,” said Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner, Supergirl‘s executive producers. “This dogged, determined and brave reporter will make for a strong partner to Superman and amazing addition to our universe of DC characters.”

The part of Lois Lane hasn’t been cast yet, but that will happen soon. If you have any casting suggestions, be sure to let us know!

I was disappointed that Hoechlin wasn’t involved in last year’s crossover. I am glad they get to use him here. This news also adds fuel to my theory that Batwoman will be on Earth-38 with Supergirl.

The best part of this is how things will be turned on its head. In mostly everything, Supergirl is “the other Kryptonian”. Superman is the starter, Supergirl is the backup. In the Arrowverse, it’s reversed. Supergirl is their Kryptonian. They’ve heard about Kara’s cousin, and that is exactly what he is – Kara’s cousin. If you ask a lot of people, Supergirl is just “Clark’s cousin”. In the Arrowverse, Superman is the other guy and that is a great dynamic to explore!

Hoechlin will appear in all three episodes of the crossover, but no word if he will appear in Supergirl or Batwoman beyond that. He should get his own show, but I doubt the CW is allowed to use the Man of Steel for more than brief appearances.

This is shaping up to be very exciting. Between Lois Lane casting, and a Batwoman costume reveal, we have a lot to look forward to. The crossover will air over 3 nights, December 9-11.

All of the Arrowverse shows return in October.

Source: Deadline


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