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The BATWOMAN ARROWVERSE Crossover Dates Have Been Announced


Every year now, the Arrowverse has crossed over for a big shared universe story. Last year’s Crisis On Earth-X was one of the best live action things that DC Comics has ever done. This year, they plan to introduce Batwoman, who will be played by Ruby Rose.

Now, thanks to Deadline, we know when those episodes will air.

Arrowverse Crossover 2018

The next Arrowverse crossover will take place over three consecutive nights, starting on December 9th with The Flash. There are a few things to note here. Firstly, this is the best shot of Barry Allen’s new suit we’ve had yet. There was some unnecessary controversy surrounding the suit, but it looks good here.

The other thing you may have noticed is that that Legends of Tomorrow is not being included in the crossover this year. Legends star Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance, and showrunner Phil Klemmer, explain why:

“We’re not in the crossover this year – Legends are not in them at all. There’s another show that’s gonna get launched [with Batwoman] and it just became over capacity.”

Many people have noted in the past that these Arrowverse crossovers are logistical nightmares. It seems that with the addition of Batwoman, and the birth of her own TV show, that it was just too much to include the Legends. As much as I would like to see them, I wouldn’t want them showing up just for the sake of being there. I would want them to have a reason to be in the story. It is similar to Hawkeye and Ant-Man not being in Infinity War – there are story reasons as to why not. I am confident that Batwoman will come across the Legends eventually.

I am loving that Bat Symbol. It looks great. I really can’t wait to see Ruby Rose suited up, and who her supporting team will consist of. I am very much hoping that Batwoman takes place on the same Earth as Supergirl, which is a different Earth than The Flash and Arrow take place on.

We should get a costumed picture relatively soon, and when we do, we will be sure to share it.

The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl (and Legends of Tomorrow) all return in October.

Source: Deadline


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