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Hulu Is Working On A VERONICA MARS Revival Series


I’m always amazed to learn about shows I’ve never heard of that are apparently right up my alley- and then actually watch said-show. For instance, there were my friends in the Kingdom Hearts fandom who told me how much I’d love Doctor Who. Tried an episode and enjoyed it, but didn’t think to stick with it at first. Then about a year later, practically all of my friends were raving about the show, so I tried it again. It clicked and then I found myself launched into that multi-decade-spanning series.

I say all of this, because I’m stunned none of my friends have ever suggested I watch Veronica Mars. I’ve yet to watch an actual episode of the show, but in doing a quick read up online in preparation for this article, it looks like exactly the kind of show I would enjoy watching. Thankfully the show could be coming back in the near future.

According to Variety, Hulu is “currently in the works” on a potential revival of the series with the original’s lead star Kirsten Bell and series creator Rob Thomas serving as writer. Moreover the show would be produced by Warner Bros. Television, who also produced the original show.

However there are at least two complications at the moment. The site added, “Sources caution, however, that the deal for the series is not yet final. It is also unknown if any other original series stars besides Bell would return or what the plot of the series would be.” Moreover, Variety warns of another possible wrinkle in the mix may be Bell’s current show- the hit NBC sitcom The Good Place. If the Veronica Mars revival goes through, everyone involved would have to shoot around Bell’s schedule, which would likely lead to the revival being a limited series consisting of eight to ten episodes.

In the meantime, I’ll be planning to binge watch the existing three seasons of the original Veronica Mars sometime in the near future.

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SOURCE: Variety


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