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Danny Boyle Has Exited BOND 25, And Possible Replacements


It wasn’t that long ago, when we heard that Danny Boyle would helm the next 007 adventure, known only as Bond 25 for the time being. Now though, it was announced that he has left due to creative differences. Like Brad Pitt’s Rusty says in Ocean’s Eleven:In this town, your luck can change just that quickly.

The official Bond Twitter account broke the news.

Notice that Daniel Craig’s name is included in this. He has director approval, so don’t expect him to be replaced as well. “Creative differences” is the most overused term in Hollywood, so who knows what actually happened.

Naturally, after this announcement, the internet went wild with speculation and suggestions as to who could replace Boyle. A popular choice is Christopher Nolan.

While I would love that, it is apparent that the producers and Craig get input into the Bond movies. That wouldn’t fly with Nolan. He would need 100% creative control over Bond 25. That would include story beats and casting. So Nolan might be up for it when he can bring in one of his guys, like Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy or Christian Bale (don’t @ me, that is not who I want, I’m just using people from Nolan’s stable.)

The name Kathryn Bigelow had been thrown around too, and that would be amazing. It is the only path I would like them to take now.

One of the best suggestions however, comes from Collider Associate Editor Vinnie Mancuso:

I would love this. Daniel Craig’s version of Bond probably wouldn’t work here, but someone like Tom Hiddleston could pull it off.

There was one other intriguing suggestion/rumor for who could replace Boyle on Bond 25, and it came courtesy of Variety’s Justin Kroll:

That’s right, Kroll says that Christopher McQuarrie, the director Mission: Impossible- Fallout, is possibly being considered. But as even as Kroll suggests, that’s nothing to discuss or get excited about just yet since it’s just a rumor he heard.

As for Boyle, he’ll be fine. He has made one of my favorite zombie movies of all time – 28 Days Later. Whatever he decides to do next, I’m sure will be successful.

When we hear who replaces Boyle, we will be sure to pass it on to you.

Bond 25 is still slated to release on November 8, 2019.


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