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This Friday: THE FANBOY Welcomes MARK WAID!


We’re happy to announce that coming this Friday, for Episode 69 of The Fanboy Podcast w/ Mario-Francisco Robles, we’ll have legendary comic book writer Mark Waid going one-on-one with our Editor-in-Chief!

Waid is one of the most respected and prolific writers of the last 30 years. While he’s perhaps best known for legendary books like Kingdom Come and Superman: Birthright, Waid has had a varied and exciting career that has seen him writing for The Avengers, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and even co-created DC’s Elseworlds banner.

An avid fan of Birthright, a book that influenced future Superman projects like Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, MFR plans to ask Mark Waid what he thinks of where the Last Son of Krypton is today- both in print and on film, and a host of other questions.

Something we’ve strived for here at Revenge of The Fans is to give you greater access to the creators you admire most. That’s why, similar to when MFR had Mark Millar on The Fanboy, we’d love for you to send over any questions you’d like him to ask Mark Waid on Friday’s show. They’ll be recording their conversation on Wednesday afternoon, so please have any questions for Mr. Waid posted in the comments below by Wednesday at 11AM EST.

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