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DC DeClassified: Breaking Down The Latest Rumors About DC On Film


Green Lantern wasn’t the only DC character that was on the tips of people’s tongues this week.

First, let’s touch on the Scarlet Speedster…


The movie is moving forward, and that’s exciting. There had been some doubt about the production back when everything was tossed up into the air following Justice League. But the word is that the wheels have been fully set in motion to start filming The Flash early next year. And, as such, I hear we’re going to learn a ton about the movie very soon.

See, it’s August, and with filming set to begin as soon as February that means that casting is about to be under way. And you know what that means? Story details will start coming to light at a fast and furious clip, because managers, agents, and actors all over Hollywood are going to start receiving Character Breakdowns.

Those Breakdowns tend to be quite revealing, and so you can count on myself and others to aggressively pursue any and all information that comes from those.

While I teased earlier this week on twitter that they were looking for a villain who was 25 to 30 years of age, I think that was only for a bit part. I now hear the dragnet is far wider for a main villain, as they’re looking for a male who is 25 to 50. Also heard that an earlier incarnation of the movie would’ve involved Doctor Light as the main antagonist, but that’s seemingly no longer the case as the project has evolved several times since 2016.

Regardless, expect much more clarity on all things The Flash in the very near future.


I’m hearing the general mood at DC Entertainment post-SDCC is quite positive. They were very happy with the response to their showing at the Convention, and that’s actually alleviating some of the pressure that was once on Aquaman. Following Justice League, there was a lot of uncertainty behind the scenes and Arthur Curry’s first solo adventure was going to have a lot riding on it as the first DC film to be released after the massive team-up.

A source within WB has confided in me that there’s positive buzz around the film, and so Aquamandoesn’t necessarily have to kill” in order for DC to stick to its plans. That’s one of the reasons there has been so much movement on so many DC projects post-SDCC. The response WB/DC saw to their Hall H panel and the reactions to the trailers for Aquaman and Shazam! have emboldened the studio to the point where they think they’ll easily be able to rebound and pivot away from a couple of bruising years for the brand, where Wonder Woman was the only unadulterated success story to speak of.

As such, expect some cool announcements to coincide with the anticipated positive wave Aquaman is expected to create in December.

Could one of those announcements finally be that Henry Cavill has signed a new deal and will stay on as Superman for years to come? I certainly think so.


Reports hit the net yesterday purporting that Matt Reeves’ The Batman continuing to crew up as it heads towards pre-production. I’m not going to get into the middle of the some of the strange drama I’ve seen about the semantics of what counts as “pre-production,” but all I know is that it’s true that the studio is engaging more talent as it builds the team behind the next Batman movie.

Whether you want to consider it pre-production, active pre-production, or pre-pre-production, the bottom line is that this thing is moving forward. Finally.

The first draft of the script for The Batman is expected to be delivered this month, as I’ve reported and as Reeves himself has confirmed, and with that draft the design team will be able to start putting together their concepts for things like costumes, vehicles, and the overall landscape of Gotham.

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I’ve got some well-placed sources who are on the prowl for me right now with regard to what they’re cooking up over there. You can bet that I’ll share anything that comes my way, but I simply can’t wait to see what pearls of wisdom will start making the rounds once that script is delivered. I assume this means we’re very close to finally getting answers to burning questions about Ben Affleck’s involvement (and who’ll play the new, younger Bruce Wayne/Batman), the story for the film, and the rogue(s) he’ll encounter along the way.

That’s all I’ve got time to share for now. Plenty more to come next week. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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