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THE FANBOY GARAGE EPISODE 14: Is the Shazam Lead Miscast, How Many Comic Book Movies is Too Much and More Questions from the Fans


On this fan-centric episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Chris Lisanti and Aaron Virola, change things up a bit by fielding questions from their fans and unpacking their thoughts on a variety of topics including the DC films on the horizon, is there such thing as too many comic book movies in a year, their favorite comic book stories and more.


They kick the episode off with a flash of lightening by asking if The Face of WWE, Mr. John Cena, would have been a better pick as the lead in Shazam and from there they move into a conversation about the comic book characters they’d like to see adapted for TV (sneak peek: Alpha Flight & The Question) as well as their top-five DC comic book story lines.

You can listen to the latest episode right here…


With a *Snap* of a finger, Aaron and Chris shift gears to address a question on why they think Avengers: Infinity War is so good, if not the best in the MCU. To close the show, they discuss the idea that there may be too many comic book movies out there for viewers to digest and that takes them down the road to examine the DC strategy for releasing films including the potential challenge Aquaman is facing with other blockbusters being released in the same weekend like Bumblebee.


You might need an Attitude Adjustment because there’s lots to unpack and think about in this episode! Be sure to tune in and subscribe where all great podcasts are found and don’t forget to keep the conversation going by tweeting them @TheFanboyGarage.


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