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RUMOR: Tom Cruise Is A Frontrunner For Hal Jordan In GREEN LANTERN CORPS


Back in March, a rumor came out that Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie was being eyed by Warner Bros to helm Green Lantern Corps. It was soon reported by another site that the info was outdated by several months and fans quickly shifted over to thinking of McQuarrie as a potential candidate for Man of Steel 2. The brief incident did seem to put a thought in a lot of people’s heads: “How about Tom Cruise as an older Hal Jordan?

Apparently we weren’t the ones thinking it, as a new rumor has surfaced revealing that Cruise supposedly was in talks at some point to star as the veteran Green Lantern in Green Lantern Corps, albeit with one caveat. According to the rumor, Jordan was to be killed off in the script and Cruise refused to take the role unless that was altered.

It should be noted that if this story is true, negotiations with Cruise happened a while ago back when the studio was planning to use a draft written by Batman Begins scribe David Goyer. Since then, Geoff Johns has stepped in and is working on a new draft that has more than likely ejected much of Goyer’s ideas for Green Lantern Corps.

For what it’s worth, our Editor-In-Chief MFR told me to share that he’s heard from his sources that the “Cruise is a frontrunner” rumor is legitimately true, but couldn’t vouch for the supposed story elements because of the likelihood that such narrative elements were likely from the Goyer draft and may have been tossed out by Johns.

Personally speaking, the idea makes a lot of sense. Regardless of who ends up directing Green Lantern Corps, the massive success of Fallout has put Cruise back in the limelight and is likely going to be sought after by multiple studios for various projects. And if the “Veteran Hal Jordan trains a rookie John Stewart” hook from Goyer’s previous draft of the film is still in tact, Cruise makes a fantastic pick for the role and would put a lot of star power behind the film.

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