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Fox Is Developing A Sequel To THE SIMPSONS MOVIE


The Simpsons is one of the longest running shows ever, and if you are ever doing a pub quiz, it is the most successful spinoff of all time. (It started as short bumpers on The Tracey Ullman Show).

In 2007, the franchise finally made it to the big screen with the perfectly decent The Simpsons Movie. Talks of a sequel have been going on ever since. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Fox is developing a sequel to The Simpsons Movie. Not only that, they want big screen adventures for Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy too.

The Simpsons has been on the air since 1989 – it is approaching its 30th (!) anniversary soon. That is a remarkable achievement for any show, let alone a scripted animated comedy!

While the other two properties don’t have as much history, both are still very popular on Fox and in syndication. Seth MacFarlane has talked about a Family Guy movie for as long as the show has been on. Ted and Ted 2 were practically big screen Family Guy episodes so it could definitely happen.

Where this gets confusing though, is Disney’s acquisition of Fox. It is unclear whether they will continue developing the same things that Fox is. The gears are turning, but that doesn’t Disney can’t shut down the factory.

Fate has brought The Simpsons to Disney. Back in 1998, in an episode called “When You Dish Upon A Star,” they predicted that Disney would own Fox.


Disney could use that to their advantage in the marketing for The Simpsons Movie Sequel.

Or, being Disney, they can combine all three properties into one movie. The Simpsons and Family Guy have crossed over before, but Disney could do it on the big screen. Who knows what will happen, but the point is, Disney would be smart to look at the potential of this, instead of automatically scrapping everything and starting from scratch.

Would you be up for a sequel to The Simpsons Movie?



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