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Sony Reveals Marvel Plans Following VENOM


Variety has broken down what Sony’s plans are following Venom‘s release, which includes scrapping Silver And Black and developing many more solo films.

Starting off, Sony reportedly has the rights to over 900 different Marvel characters, which include many heroes and villains that live inside the Spider-Man universe. Sony is currently calling their universe “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters” or SUMC for short.

After Venom releases, Jared Leto has signed on to star in Daniel Espinosa’s Morbius, which follows the comic book character of the same name who becomes a vampire in a science experiment gone wrong. The film is expected to begin production in November.

Richard Wenk has also been hired to write a script based around classic Spider-Man villain Kraven The Hunter.

Sony is currently looking for writers to pen JackpotNightwatch (which Spike Lee is reportedly eyeing to direct), and Silk.

Jackpot is based around one of Spider-Man’s allies created in 2007 by Dan Slott. Depending on which incarnation of the character they use, likely the first one, Sarah Ehret, a girl with Parkinson’s disease, is exposed to chemicals that put her into a coma for four months, only for her to wake up with super strength. If they go with the second incarnation of the character, Alana Jobson buys the identity of Jackpot from Ehret and drinks a cocktail formula that grants her superpowers. She teams up with Spider-Man to take down the villain Menace. There are no writers attached yet.

Nightwatch is based around Dr. Kevin Trench, a man who uses a special invisibility cloak to fight crime, and was a very prominent character in the Maximum Carnage storyline. Spike Lee is reportedly in talks to direct the film.

Silk follows Cindy Moon, a girl in Peter’s class that was bitten by the same spider that bit Peter, just moments earlier. Sony is actively searching for writers.

When Sony originally announced plans for a Marvel universe, Silver and Black, focusing on mercenary Silver Sable and thief Black Cat, was on track for a February 2019 release from director Gina-Prince Bythewood. Script issues caused the film to be delayed indefinitely however. Now, Sony is separating the film into solos for each character, starting with Black Cat. While not officially confirmed by the studio yet, Bythewood is expected to produce, but not direct. “We believe Black Cat is enough of her own character with a great backstory and a canon of material to draw from to justify her own film,” says Columbia Pictures President Sanford Panitch.

Venom is also unlikely to be rated R, due to the fact that they want the option to incorporate themselves into the MCU, because all of Spidey’s other films are PG-13. This definitely feels like a let down because watching Venom eat a guy’s head would have been great.

Venom will star Tom Hardy as the titular character with Ruben Fleischer directing from a script by Scott Rosenberg, Will Beal, Kelly Marcel, and Jeff Pinker. You can see it in theaters October 3rd.

What do you think of this? Are there any characters listed above that you are excited to see on the big screen in the SUMC?

Source: Variety


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