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Kiana Madeira To Recur As Spin In THE FLASH Season 5


As the fifth season of The CW’s The Flash approaches its October premiere, Deadline has reported that Kiana Madeira (Sacred Lies) has joined the cast as in the recurring role of Spencer Young, also known as “Spin.” As Spin is a male character in the comics, the show is instead opting to put a new spin on the character in this small screen version by changing the character into a female role in the show.

According to Deadline, Madeira’s incarnation of Spencer Young is “a young aspiring social media influencer who seizes the opportunity to make herself famous when she discovers there is a new hero in Central City” and that fans of the show can expect to see her introduced in Episode #504.

Personally I don’t think I’ve ever seen the male version of Spin in a comic and I wasn’t able to find any pages on the character on the Internet prior to writing this article, so it looks to me like he isn’t exactly a very prominent part of DC Comics. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

With that in mind, I can see why the showrunners of The Flash have opted to change the character’s gender and reinvent Spencer Young for the show. Chances are high that this will be the most exposure that the character has ever had with mass audiences, so maybe Madeira’s take will wind up redefining the character?

What do you all think? Are you excited to see Madeira’s portrayal of Spin in a few months’ time? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

The Flash has its season premiere on Tuesday, Oct. 9, at 8 p.m only on The CW.

Matching wits with The Thinker, who by season’s end had harnessed the powers of all twelve bus metas he created, stretched Team Flash to their limits, but with the help of some new allies, Barry Allen (aka The Flash) and company were able to put a stop to the Enlightenment and save Central City once again. However, with the arrival of Barry and Iris’ speedster daughter, Nora, who arrived from the future admitting to having made a “big mistake,” things are anything but status quo. Will parenthood be the challenge that finally slows The Flash down?

SOURCE: Deadline


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