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Martine Bancroft Will Be The Female Lead in Sony’s MORBIUS


That Hashtag Show  is reporting that Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off Morbius will feature Martine Bancroft as the female lead opposite Jared Leto’s Morbius The Living Vampire.

Bancroft debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man in 1971 as Morbius’ fiancee, but alas, became one of his first victims and turned into a vampire herself. Like many comic book characters, she’s been killed and resurrected multiple times over the last forty years.

Morbius will be the next film in Sony’s Marvel Universe, following Venom, which will release this October. Jared Leto joined the film at the end of June after meeting with director Daniel Espinosa, who was announced at the same time as Leto. Leto circled the film for some time, after being unsure about joining another comic book movie. That’s understandable after his experience working on Suicide Squad, of which Leto’s Joker had a very negative reception, but apparently enough Joker scenes were filmed that they could have made an entire R rated Joker solo film, according to Leto. Alas, the majority of those scenes were left on the cutting room floor. But after meeting with Espinosa in Germany, Leto officially signed on to star. Sources say Leto’s role in this new Marvel film does not affect him reprising his role as the Joker in future DC films, but that still seems up in the air. A Joker solo film is reportedly in development, but so far Leto is the only one attached, and with Joaquin Phoenix starring in a separate Joker film and Leto joining a separate universe, I have a feeling his solo Joker movie will never come to fruition.

The film will reportedly go into production this November, but does not yet have a release date. The studio is currently looking for a “Riz Ahmed” or “Rami Malek” prototype for the villain, which sounds a lot Emil Nikos, Morbius’ old partner turned enemy.

Among Sony’s other Marvel films, Gina-Prince Bythewood is currently attached to a Black Cat/Silver Sable movie called Silver and Black, while Spike Lee is expected to direct Nightwatch, and Richard Wenk was just hired to write Kraven The Hunter.

Do you like Sony’s current plans? Would you rather see these characters in the MCU? Let us know in the comments!

Source: That Hashtag Show

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