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Cameron Welsh On The Eradicator Appearing On KRYPTON


In an interview with Comicbook.com, Krypton showrunner Cameron Welsh revealed how fan-favorite Superman Mythos character The Eradicator may factor into the upcoming second season.

We’ve talked about the Eradicator and introducing that character into the show, anyone who’s familiar with the mythology knows the importance of that — and yeah, ‘the preservation of Kryptonian culture.’ With our show, we don’t have to slavishly follow the mythology that’s set, especially now that we’re on a divergent timeline. So we can do a version of the Eradicator that hasn’t been seen before, which is cool.”

But with Zod, Brainiac, and Doomsday already appearing on Krypton, and with Lobo being introduced, it doesn’t sound like The Eradicator will appear just yet.

“I think, honestly, with Doomsday and with Braniac and with Zod, and now with Lobo, we’ve got a pretty full plate for 10 episodes. We’re probably halfway through writing the season. There’s always the chance that maybe we’ll bring somebody else in, but at the moment, I feel like we’ve got a pretty full deck.”

For a SyFy original series, Krypton has managed to give us almost perfectly accurate depictions of more mainstream comic book characters that are usually seen in movies and not on television. With interesting characters and strong villains and access to characters that are as high-tier as they are, it’s nice to see a DC series of such high caliber. After David Goyer’s teases before last season premiered, I don’t even think it would be that much of a stretch to see the Lantern Corps introduced, maybe even with Atrocitus or Larfleeze as the villain next season…pure speculation though.

Source: ComicBook.com


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