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HARLEY UNIVERSE: GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Director David Ayer Meets With Paul Dini!


A few weeks back, in a piece designed to share the latest bits of DC/Batman intel I’d come across, I mentioned that Warner Bros. is insanely high on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. So much so that we could be getting a Harley appearance every year starting in 2020 and folks are internally joking that it’s like a Harley Universe. That’s not entirely shocking, when you consider that all of the following projects that are in development include her: Gotham City Sirens, Suicide Squad 2, Birds of Prey, Untitled Joker/Harley Movie.

When Birds of Prey officially got the green light many assumed- myself included- that some of those other films disintegrated like the victims of a Thanos finger snap. Gotham City Sirens, in particular, seemed like a goner because of comments director David Ayer made last year that sounded particularly disparaging towards his experience making Suicide Squad (“[Bright] Ain’t no bulls*** PG-13 studio movie!“). But maybe that’s not the case, after all.

Ayer took to twitter late last night to reveal he’d “had a nice visit” with Paul Dini. Dini is not only known for his amazing work on Batman: The Animated Series (amongst other animated DC gems), and for co-creating the character Harley Quinn with Bruce Timm, but he also- specifically- created the Gotham City Sirens with Guillem March!

Now, could this be a coincidence? Sure. But that seems way more far-fetched than it not being a coincidence. When you have the man who was announced to be developing a movie based on a particular property flaunting on social media that he’s met with one of the creators of that property, it’s not a stretch to assume they were talking about the development of said movie.

This should be taken as a very positive sign for fans worried that Gotham City Sirens had been shelved in favor of the Birds of Prey, and it now makes me wonder if there was something to the whispers I recently hard about an eventual “Birds of Prey vs Gotham City Sirens” movie…

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