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TERMINATOR: First Official Looks At The Cast, And Has The Title Been Revealed?


Terminator fans should start getting plenty excited right now, because it looks like Paramount Pictures is ready to start the hype machine for the next entry in the series- an entry that promises to get things back on track thanks to the return of James Cameron to the production and the direction of Tim Miller. Paramount just unveiled our first official look at three cast members.

Take a look at this image, which features Terminator stars Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis, and the original Sarah Connor herself, Linda Hamilton!

Notable about the tweet that unveiled this image is that the film seems to be taking its cue in terms of its title from the next Halloween movie. See, just like Halloween, the next Terminator is meant to sort of start things over again while still honoring the past; It’s meant to be a “true sequel,” and one that sort of erases the later entries in the series. As such, rather than calling it Terminator 6, or something along the lines of other recent entries which bore subtitles like Salvation and Genisys, they’re opting to simply call it Terminator.

This is an idea I’ve been suggesting for a while, as I think it’s a great way to signal to audiences that this film is a return to form. The first film was called The Terminator, and so I thought calling this one simply Terminator would be an effective way to communicate that they’re going back to basics. And having series creator James Cameron pitching in with the story and having his name attached to it for the first time since 1991’s seminal T2: Judgement Day is sure to help, too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to return as the classic T-800 model, while Gabriel Luna will depict a younger, more modern killing machine.

This new film is due in theaters next year on November 22.

SOURCE: Paramount


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