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There’s ‘No Real Hero’ in VENOM Says Director


Venom is a movie that is coming sooner rather than later, whether you want it to or not. New footage was shown at Comic Con, and the tone of it seemed grim. The movie is reportedly not going to have Spider-Man in it, so it begs the question, who is the hero of this movie?

Well, according to director Reuben Fleischer, there isn’t one. You can watch the video below.

Fleischer says:

“I was really excited about just bringing something new to the genre.” Fleischer explained. “I feel like the tone of our movie is really original and distinctive, which is totally appropriate for the character, as Venom is a darker, more violent, more menacing character. I think our movie feels distinctive from a lot of the other superhero movies, in part because there’s no real hero in it.

There have been movies about “anti-heroes” before. That seems to be what they are branding Venom – who has essentially always been a villain. An anti-hero is someone like Lobo, or Wolverine. A character who isn’t automatically inherently good like Superman or Captain America, but ends up doing the right thing anyway. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) will surely be the hero of his own story, but it is interesting to make a movie based off of a villain, and have them try to get the audience to root for them.

Fleischer has faith in his leading man to pull it off though.

“So it’s just a movie that kind of stands on its own, led by incredible performances by fine actors such as [Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed].” Fleischer continued. “But Tom really just is — I think people are going to be blown away by what he brings to the table with both Eddie Brock and Venom. His performance is incredible, and sets the bar for the film.”

This will definitely test the waters for the Joker movie that is out next year, with Joaquin Phoenix starring. Can audiences root for a villain?

Does Fleischer’s comments do anything to impact your excitement for Venom? Let us know.

Venom hits theaters October 5.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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