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Melissa Benoist Explains How SUPERGIRL Will Adapt RED SON Storyline


At the end of the latest season finale from Supergirl, fans received a shocking discovery: there’s another Supergirl somewhere out there in Siberia. It’s a set-up for one of the most famous Superman stories ever (Red Son) and now it’s being repurposed for Kara, much like how the show previously adapted Alan Moore’s famous Superman story, For The Man Who Has Everything.

At a panel for the show at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, lead Melissa Benoist commented on the new plot hook for the upcoming fourth season:

I think that — the doppelgänger that we saw at the end of Season 3 is gonna be a really cool experiment in ‘nature vs. nurture,’ I think, in the way that ‘Red Son,’ the Superman comic, explored it. Showing how two people with the same abilities can be so different, and what kind of heroes they would be, and what her ideals and morals and moral compass would be. So I think that’s going to be a really interesting thing to explore this season.

There’s certainly a lot of potential in adapting this particular storyline and Benoist’s comments touch on exactly why it could make for a great story arc in the show. Much like her cousin, part of why Kara is who she is in the present day in Supergirl is because of her friends and her adopted family on Earth. What would happen if Kara had wound up in an environment where she didn’t have that kind of love and support helping her along the way? What if Kara had been found by people who were more interested in exploiting what she was capable of for their own gains?

Are you excited to see Red Son- or Red Daughter, as it will most likely be called in the show- adapted to TV? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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