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Kevin Smith Wants To Direct An Episode of BATWOMAN


Let me catch you up. Kevin Smith is in the CW rotation as director on Supergirl and The Flash. He has directed several episodes of each, and will do more for the new upcoming seasons. The casts seem to love him. Even the cast of Arrow, which he wants to direct and hasn’t yet, loves him.

It was announced recently that Batwoman and Gotham City would be the focus of this years crossover between the shows. Then it was announced that after the crossover, Batwoman would get her very own TV show on The CW.

There. Now you are caught up. As expected, it is getting people excited. Smith, who is in the bag for all of these shows, told MTV that he would love to direct an episode of Batwoman and has no problem reaching out to Greg Berlanti to ask about doing it.

“Last time I texted Greg [Berlanti] was from the hospital the night I had the heart attack and stuff ’cause a lot of people were sending text and emails going ‘are you okay?’ and he sent one and I wrote back ‘I’m fine! I’m doing notes on my Flash episode right now’ cause I was sitting there watching Flash and taking down like cut notes and stuff and he’s like ‘bro, you don’t even do the heart attack right. You’re supposed to enjoy it and stuff’ so I would, I would totally reach out to him,” Smith said.

You can watch the full video below. His comments about Batwoman starts at the 14:10 mark.

Kevin Smith and the Bat Family have intersected throughout his entire career. Ben Affleck was in all of his older movies, before going on to become Batman. The comics always influenced him and his work, and he hosts a weekly podcast called “Fatman on Batman” with Castle Rock writer Marc Bernardin. Smith would be a good fit to direct an episode of this show. I would like to see him direct Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow as well, so he can have all of them under his much tighter belt.

Do you think Smith will get his wish?

Source: ComicBook.com/MTV


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