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THE REVENGERS: ‘SDCC Reactions: The Trailers, The Buzz, And The Deathly Hallows’


On the 21st edition of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, The Trinity puts 100% of their focus on San Diego Comic-Con 2018 (SDCC)With a bevy of trailers to discuss and announcements made, hosts Vanessa Lee Bontea, Brett Miro, and Mario-Francisco Robles have a ton to talk about.

But before they get into their SDCC reactions, MFR shares an interesting observation about the now seemingly antiquated idea of “growing out” of your fandoms, i.e. getting “too old” to enjoy certain things.

From there, the Trinity dives right into discussing the SDCC trailers for TitansGlass, Aquaman, Shazam, Godzilla: King of The Monsters, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Along the way, MFR shares a little casting bochinche he’s heard about actresses being considered for DC’s Birds of Prey, and they get into a discussion about how quietly stacked the DC slate has become.

[Please Note: There’s a mathematical error in this episode when it comes time to discuss the price for the DC Universe streaming service. The monthly price is actually $6.25 when you purchase an annual subscription for $75- and even less if you pre-order now and get the three additional months free!]

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Mario-Francisco Robles

Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Revenge of The Fans. Previously, he's written for Latino-Review, IGN, Moviehole, and The Splash Report. He's also the host of the top-rated show The Fanboy Podcast and the co-host of The Revengers Podcast. E-Mail: MFR@RevengeOfTheFans.com | Twitter: @I_AM_MFR

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