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Why No Reboot? A Modest List Of Shows That Need to Be Given a Second Chance RIGHT NOW.


Hey, there folks. This is Jon Crabtree. Remember me? I’m the relatively silent co-founder of Revenge of the Fans. Usually I just quietly help to keep the website running from a technical & business side or popping out to let you all know that there are deeper themes at play in the MCU, but somethings been bothering me lately and I’d like to take a break today to remind you that I am still waiting on several reboots that are long overdue.

Just unacceptable.Seriously. When Roseanne, Thundercats, and even Karate Kid are getting reboots, what does it take to focus this energy in the right direction: namely, things that I personally want to see rebooted. (In all fairness, I hear that the Karate Kid revival Cobra Kai is genuinely great, so no judgement there).

Anyhow, if you’re a production company for any of these properties and you need a little nudge in the right direction, just feel free to give me a “Suggested by Jon Crabtree” tacked on to the very end of each episode and a modest 0.01% of the net gross of ad revenues, ticket sales, and/or merchandising/licensing. No big deal.

Let’s begin.

ReBoot. Let’s start with the most obvious. Why is there no ReBoot reboot? Do you remember ReBoot? Back in the early days of computer animation, ReBoot told the story of Dot & Enzo Matrix, residents of Mainframe, a representation of what it would be like to live inside a computer. The action followed Bob, a guardian of Mainframe who fought off computer problems while contemplating the existence of a mysterious entity called “The User.” In the original, Bob’s biggest antagonist was a malevolent computer virus Megabyte (voiced by Tony Jay, may he Rest in Peace). Megabyte had a sister named Hexadecimal who floated around like a creepy Japanese ghost and whose temperament shifted on a dime.

Just think about how much computers have changed both in technology and culture since then? ReBoot is just sitting there, waiting to be adapted. My only suggestion is that you upgrade Megabyte to Terabyte and then STOP RIGHT THERE. We don’t need a character named Petabyte wandering around a kid’s cartoon.

Centurions: Power Xtreme. I’m willing to bet most of you are unaware of Centurions. I only discovered it back in the early Cartoon Network days when CN had no original programming whatsoever and had to dig deep into the archives to cover 24 hours of children’s television. Centurions ran for less than one year in 1986 and was one of those shameless toy-promotion shows that were so popular back then.

But enough of that, just like every good TV show theme from the 80s, the intro tells you everything you need to know:

The initial concepts for the show were created by legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby and Gil Kane. Put that on a tagline and that’s enough to get the greenlight right there. I’m pretty sure Warner Bros owns the whole thing 100% so there’s really nothing stopping this Gundam meets Transformers meets GI Joe mashup from being made.

Mega Man. If you don’t know what Mega Man is, then who are you are and welcome to the site. This is the Internet. Enjoy. Mega Man is the story of Rock, the robot assistant of Dr. Light (or Dr. Right if you come from Japan) in the year 200X. Rock is forced to become the super-fighting robot Mega Man in order to defeat the evil Dr. Wily and his eight robot masters.

As Mega Man defeats each robot master, he absorbs their powers and uses them to become strong enough to save the world. Also, the theme song was pure fire:

Also acceptable: A Mega Man X series or Mega Man Battle Network anime.

Gargoyles. While almost any Disney Afternoon show should probably be given a loving reboot in the tone of DuckTales, Gargoyles is very special property. Gargoyles is the story of a clan of half-man, half-dragon (or sometimes half-griffin or half-robot) creatures that protect the world while using a dilapidated New York clock-tower as their base of operations. The Gargoyles turn to stone during the day and can only function while the sun is down.

Again, the intro says it better:

Gargoyles came out of nowhere, with it’s darker tone and dramatic themes in the middle of a programming block that also included Bonkers the cartoon cat cop and Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers. What made this show great is the Shakespearean references and love of folklore that were weaved into every episode. Remember Othello? He was secretly a gargoyle! Remember King Arthur’s Avalon? It’s real and it’s a portal to anywhere the planet. Remember that old play MacBeth? What if MacBeth was cursed to walk the earth forever, seeking revenge against the Gargoyles that wronged him?

Not long ago Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele and Get Out) let slip that he had proposed a reboot to Disney. There’s been no word on whether this proposal was accepted, but the fact that Peele is openly discussing it does not bode well for the property.

Okay, I’ve jabbered on long enough. I’m sure I missed something. What do you think is a good enough property to be given a second chance?

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