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Second Official SHAZAM Photo Reveals Childlike Awe And Wonder


The ongoing pitch for David Sandberg’s upcoming Shazam movie has been “Superman Meets Big.” It’s a simple and effective pitch for newcomers to the story of Billy and his grown-up superhero counterpart, and everything we’ve seen about the film to date has matched that description to a tee. However, the latest official photo for Shazam from EW points at something a bit more than just “Superman Meets Big.”

In the new photo, we see the young Freddy Freeman (played by Jack Dylan Grazer) touching the glowing Shazam insignia on his “Insta-Zachary Levi’d” friend Billy. This official still takes the movie a bit past the original pitch. This is, in its own way, more akin to that scene early on in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park where our heroes see dinosaurs for the first time. This image is all about a sense of awe and wonder.

The best part is that really fits in with the “Child Superhero” angle. Kids and younger adolescents tend to be more open to being impressed by the unnatural and unique. There’s still a sense of idealism that doesn’t necessarily have to fight back against the storm of cynicism that comes with adulthood.

Superman can- and should– be idealistic, but he’s a hero whose idealism normally clashes against his peers’ more cynical views and opts to inspire them. I’m still pretty green to the world of Shazam myself, but I get the sense that Billy and his friends are still a bit more naturally inclined to dream for the better. To any more knowledgable Shazam fans reading this, I’d love to know the correct answer on that front.

What do you all think though? Hopefully fans will get a better look at the film later this week with the upcoming panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con. Whatever your thoughts are, be sure to share them with us in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly


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