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New STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Character Art Revealed


Earlier this year it was announced that the next animated adventure in the Star Wars galaxy would be Star Wars Resistance. It takes place before The Force Awakens and will have characters like Poe and Phasma appear every now and then.

The cast was announced a while back, which you can see below.

Resistance Cast

Now, we can see what some of those characters will like.

Granted, it isn’t a great picture, but it gives you a general idea. You can spot Phasma, BB-8 and Poe, plus the new protagonists. Front and center is Kazuda Xiono a pilot recruited to help against the First Order.

Also, in a now deleted tweet seen by both /Film and Screen Rant, it was said that the series could be premiering in October.

The series is being run by Dave Filoni, who did The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. There was a lot of connective tissue between those two shows. With the way Rebels ended, it is possible that there could be some here too. The “anime-inspired” show will air on the same channel Star Wars: Rebels did – Disney XD. There is no word on whether it will also be available on the Disney app when it launches.

If the series does indeed air this fall, we should be getting some more information about it, including maybe a trailer, relatively soon.

What do you think of the character animations? The aesthetics are cool, but I want to see what they look like in motion.

When we have more information, we will be sure to pass it along.


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