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The Planned PSYCH Movie Sequel Is On Hold


Psych is one of my favorite television shows ever. I’m sure there are a few things you’ve learned about me just by reading my stories: Star Wars is my religion. Doctor Who is my favorite show and top fandom. But Psych is part of my entertainment DNA too.

When it was announced last year that Psych was having a reunion movie, I was ecstatic. I missed that crazy group of people in that silly show. So to have a Christmas movie was a great gift.

But it didn’t go off without a hitch. Timothy Omundson suffered a stroke shortly before filming, which warranted an eleventh hour rewrite to accommodate him. His character Lassiter was reduced to a cameo, to give Omundson time to heal. While promoting it, the cast and crew promised that Omundson would have a larger role in the sequel.

A sequel, which was supposed to happen this year. But TVLine is reporting that is on hold now. The reason is because the two leads have other jobs, and can’t get schedules to work. James Roday is a series regular on a new ABC show called A Million Little Things, and Dule Hill has been promoted to series regular on the USA show Suits.

The studio still very much wants to make it happen. Psych fans are passionate bunch, and will welcome another movie.

Roday and Hill love the show as well, and want to continue, as they told TVLine last year at Comic Con:

“If [series creator] Steve Franks has his druthers it will be an annual thing until we’re all living in assisted living,” Roday joked.

Added Hill: “As long as the Psychos have a yearning for it and a desire for it, we’d be down to keep delivering them.”

Series creator Steve Franks said he had a plan for 5 movies, and the end of the last one certainly set up a premise for what could be a fun sequel. So while we won’t get it this year, everyone involved feels confident that we will get another one.

During my SpoilerTV days, I turned a ton of people on to Psych. I truly love the show, and am excited for the future of the franchise.

The original show ran from 2006-2014 on USA Network. I will keep you posted on any further updates.


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