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The BBC Is Heading To Court To Determine Source of DOCTOR WHO Leaks


Anticipation for the new season of Doctor Who is high. A new Doctor is on the way, played by Jodie Whittaker – the first time the iconic character has ever been played by a woman.

People are curious as to what that is going to be like. Unfortunately we found out in a way that the BBC, who makes the show, was not happy about.

A clip running nearly a minute in length was leaked and spread through the internet like wildfire. We won’t link to it here, because I support the show too much. But it isn’t hard to find that clip and the two pictures that go with it.

As to the source of the leaks, that is what the BBC is trying to figure out. The British Broadcasting Corporation has filed an application with the California Federal Court to get to the bottom of this.

A BBC Spokesperson said:

“[The BBC] will strive to protect our programme-makers, audiences and licence fee payers from any breaches of security – ensuring Doctor Who fans enjoy the final and fully completed version of the episode when it premieres”.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Before Peter Capaldi’s debut as the 12th Doctor, 4 black and white screeners with incomplete special effects were released, as well as some scripts which were put on a public server by mistake.

I wish the leak hadn’t happened at all, but I really hope it wasn’t for vindictive reasons to spoil Whittaker’s debut. It would make me feel better if it was for better reasons, like wanting to show how good she will be in the role or something. There are ugly parts of every fandom. It isn’t just Star Wars.

Hopefully the BBC can get to the bottom of this, and seal the leaks so they don’t happen again.

The new cast of Doctor Who will appear at San Diego Comic Con in a couple of weeks. We should get more information then, like an official release date and possibly a trailer.

The 11th season of Doctor Who will consist of 10 1-hour long episodes. It is expected to premiere in the fall.

Source: The BBC

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