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HOT RUMOR: Jeremy Renner Rumored To Play ‘Twitch’ In Blumhouse’s SPAWN


Jeremy Renner has been attached to a ton of franchises: Bourne, Marvel, Mission Impossible, and Ice Age. Now he might be joining another one.

Blumhouse’s Spawn reboot has Jamie Foxx attached to star as the titular role already, and now, according to ThatHashtagShow, Renner is joining the movie as a fan favorite character.

Renner is rumored to be playing Twitch Williams who is described below:

Twitch Williams is a soft-spoken Private Investigator who used to be a police officer for the New York City Police Department. He has partnered with Sam Burke for years, but Burke frequently doesn’t pay much attention to what Twitch has to say.

Twitch is skeptical of God, and recently started believing though he can’t understand how God would harm his sons, as he could never allow harm to one of his seven children.

The film will center on Twitch teaming up with Spawn “as he seeks vengeance for the murder of his young daughter“.

What is interesting to me is the future potential of this casting. Kevin Smith was developing a Sam and Twitch TV show for BBC America. It was put on the backburner, but could still happen. If the show is in the same universe as this movie, then its possible that Renner would star in that as well. Renner has said in the past that he would be up for doing a Hawkeye Netflix series, so he isn’t above doing television.

Twitch was not featured in the 1997 film starring Michael Jai White, so this would be the first live action version of the character.

It makes you wonder what Renner’s future with Marvel is. It could mean nothing, as there is time between MCU films for the actors to do other things. But maybe his slate is wide open if his story ends in Avengers 4. There have been rumors of a standalone Hawkeye film however, which would be interesting if the plot revolved around bring Kate Bishop into the mix.

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is writing and directing the movie which should be released some time next year.

What do you think of this casting? Are you excited to see Renner take on another franchise?

Source: ThatHashtagShow



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