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Jon Kasdan Has The Perfect Response When Asked If He’s Writing INDIANA JONES 5


Last week, it was announced that Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jon Kasdan was going to pen the new Indiana Jones 5 script. Kasdan, whose father Lawrence wrote the screenplay for Raiders of the Lost Ark, is understandably excited.

When asked about it on Twitter, he had the best response.

For those who need a refresher to get the joke, watch this:

That means that Kasdan was “told by Disney” to use a moment from the canon that his father wrote. It is a clever tweet, and a great way to confirm he’s writing it. It also could put some doubters at ease. He obviously cares about the franchise, and appreciates its history.

Kasdan got the job after David Koepp exited. There is no indication as to why Koepp is not on the project anymore, but Lucasfilm is certainly comfortable with the Kasdan family. If there is one thing we’ve learned about Lucasfilm since Disney bought them, it’s that Lucasfilm likes to play it safe with writers and directors.

This all seems like good news, but there is a bit of bad news attached to it – because of the writer change so late in the game, the film will not make its 2020 release date. So we will have to wait a little bit longer to see Harrison Ford put the fedora on for the last time.

I’m excited to see what Jon brings to the table. No word on if he will bring his father aboard, but the symmetry of the elder Kasdan writing the first entry, while the younger Kasdan writes the last Ford entry, is something Disney-esque.

Indiana Jones 5 will star Harrison Ford and is being directed by Steven Spielberg. We not know the new release date yet, but when we do, we will be sure to let you know.


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