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Jim Carrey Will Play Dr. Robotnik In The SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Movie


If news had to break this late on a Friday, I am sure glad it was this. There is a live action Sonic The Hedgehog movie on the way. Did you know that? It was going to maybe be Paul Rudd starring in the movie. But then news shifted to that of Westworld and X-Men star James Marsden. Regardless of who it is, we now know who they will be battling.

Deadline is reporting that comic genius Jim Carrey is in negotiations to play the villain, Dr. Robotnik, who I have always called Dr. Eggman. (Which name do you prefer, RTF?)

The film is going to be a blend of CGI and live action. Sonic will be CGI with live action counterparts. Thanks to Borys Kit, we know how Eggman will be portrayed by Carrey:

Live action makes sense. If you book a talent like Carrey, you want to see him on screen. Especially with how animated he is on his own. If they give him that ridiculous mustache, that might be the price of admission alone.

Carrey has done animation before of course, being motion captured in A Christmas Carol. So he isn’t against the medium. But it feels like anyone who is human in the Sonic would will be live action, while hedgehogs, echidnas, foxes and chaos (there have to be chaos, right?) will be CGI. Similar to Roger Rabbit except without the adult undertones.

To nab a talent like Carrey is huge. They can sell the movie just off of that – kind of like how Bryan Cranston was Zordon in the Power Rangers movie.

We can let the Robotnik/Eggman debate rage on (I wonder which name they will use in the movie?) but one thing is for sure: Carrey’s involvement elevates this movie to another level and will now be on radars it wasn’t on before. The question has to be asked:

Can Sonic The Hedgehog break the video game movie curse?

We will find out eventually.

Are you excited for this casting?

Sonic The Hedgehog is expected to hit our screens next year.

Source: Deadline


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