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Since its inception on February 14th, the solo podcast hosted by our Editor-in-Chief Mario-Francisco Robles has been called the El Fanboy Podcast. On today’s 65th edition of the show, he’ll explain the origin of that name while also revealing why it no longer fits with what the show’s about.

For now, what you need to know is that the show is getting a new name…and it’s not altogether different than the old name. In fact, all he’s doing is changing the Spanglish El Fanboy Podcast to the all-english The Fanboy Podcast!

The good news is that nothing really changes for you if you’re already a subscriber. It’s still the same feed, and right now you can search for the show with either name and you’ll find it just the same.

In the coming days, we’ll make sure that every major podcast app notes the slight change but- for now- we can confirm that Apple Podcasts has already updated their listing for the show- which has been the Top Hit in the Fanboy genre all week thanks to YOU!

As for what this means for the show itself, MFR will explain it on today’s episode. But the short version is that the show will still be the same one you’ve come to know and appreciate over the last 64 episodes, with the same general format, tone, feel, and topics covered, but it’ll also become a premiere place for long-form discussions with great creators (actors, writers, producers, directors, etc) as we look to expand the appeal of the show to bring in some top talent for interesting conversations about the things you love.

Note From Mario:

I want to thank everyone who’s supported the El Fanboy Podcast, and who’s helped my little show become such a hit in the ever-growing fanboy podcast landscape. As you all know, this whole thing’s a labor of love for me, and I do all this work every week just to help make yours a little better because knowing I’m doing that makes mine infinitely better.

But I’m always looking to expand; To go big, or go home. And with the response the show’s gotten so far, I see a unique opportunity to turn this into something special; something bigger. So I hope you’ll still continue to tune in every week and spread the good word about The Fanboy Podcast.”


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