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DC UNIVERSE: Here Are All Of The Confirmed Movies, Series, And Comic Books That’ll Be Available On The Service!


The good folks in charge of the DC Universe streaming service dropped a ton of new details earlier today, and we’re still processing all of it.

For now, we wanted you to know all of the confirmed titles you can expect to find on the service from the DC archives. The list is, by no means, complete. But these are all the titles officially listed on the Fact Sheet that DC sent us as part of their media blitz today.

Live-Action Films And TV

• Superman (I-IV)
• Batman Begins
• The Dark Knight
• Batman Ninja
• Birds of Prey
• The Flash (1990)

• Constantine (2014)
• Adventures of Superman
• Max Fleischer’s Superman Serials
• Superboy
• Batman; The Animated Series
• Wonder Woman ‘77

• Teen Titans
• Super Friends
• Legion of Superheroes
• Young Justice
• Static Shock
• Lois & Clark

Animated Movies

• All Star Superman
• Batman vs. Robin
• Batman: Year One
• Batman Beyond: The Return of Joker
• Green Lantern: First Flight

• Gotham by Gaslight
• Justice League: Doom
• Justice League vs. Teen Titans
• Superman: Doomsday
• Wonder Woman


• 52 (2006)
• Action Comics (1938)
• Adventure Comics (1958)
• Aquaman (2011)
• Batman (2002)
• Cyborg (2015)
• Deathstroke (2014)
• Detective Comics (1939)
• Green Arrow: Year One (2007)
• Green Lantern (2011)

• Harley Quinn (2013)
• JLA (1997)
• Justice League (2011)
• My Greatest Adventure (1963)
• Suicide Squad (2011)
• Superman/Batman (2004)
• Swamp Thing (1972)
• Teen Titans (1965)
• The Flash (2011)
• Wonder Woman (2011)

What do you think of everything that’s come out so far about the DC Universe service so far? Are they going to get your money when it launches later this year? It seems like it’s definitely going to give you a ton of content to peruse, and a huge variety at that.

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