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RUMOR: Patrick Stewart Has ‘Verbal Agreement’ To Return To STAR TREK



Sir Patrick Stewart is one of, if not the, best actors to ever star in the massive Star Trek franchise. Never mind his background as a Shakespearian actor or how he later went on to play Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men films. We all know how great an actor he is. But there’s this one moment in his long run of playing Captain Jean-Luc Picard that’s always stood out to me- as a fan, as a small time actor and filmmaker myself.

It’s at the end of Stewart’s favorite episode from The Next Generation (“The Inner Light”), where Riker gives Picard a small box the crew found inside the probe that had put Picard in a short coma that relayed decades’ worth of a world’s culture into his mind. Inside the box is a small flute. Naturally Picard goes on to play the flute softly and that ends the episode as audiences get misty eyed or outright start sobbing. Between Riker leaving the room and when he actually starts playing the flute though is this prolonged moment where Picard clutches the tiny flute with all his might, right into his chest. This simple action is heartbreaking.

I wax lyrical about that scene and about Stewart’s skill as an actor because of the continued reports that he may soon rejoin the Enterprise.

According to The Mirror, Stewart is “close to securing a deal” to return as Captain Picard in what the site describes as a “reboot of the Generation series.” The site also added that “Patrick is ­looking pretty good to get back on board the Enterprise. There are some aspects of the deal to be finalized, but there is a verbal commitment from all parties. There are animated series also in the works, and Patrick could easily lend his voice to them. An announcement will be made in the next few weeks and the show should be out next year.

I can’t deny that I hope this is true. While I am admittedly a bit weary of the phrasing of this potential project being a “reboot” of The Next Generation, that could translate in a lot of different ways. We’ll see what happens. Now, if you will all excuse me, I need to go watch “The Inner Light” again…

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SOURCE: The Mirror


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