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Drew Goddard Offers A Quick Update On The X-FORCE Movie


Deadpool 2 introduced the X-Force, not only using them to near perfection but setting up the idea of the team for future use. That future use will be in a Drew Goddard film spinoff called, appropriately enough, X-Force.

Goddard has been developing the movie for a while, even before Deadpool 2 was written. Goddard started and completed another project in the meantime: Bad Times At The El Royale, which had an awesome trailer debut not too long ago.

Cinemablend caught up with Goddard and asked for an update on X-Force, and Goddard basically said that development was paused while he worked on El Royale.

It’s a good question. I’ve learned I’m very much a one-movie-at-a-time kind of guy, and they all know. It’s the same studio, which is nice, so they can say, ‘Okay, get [Bad Times At The El Royale] done,’ and then once I get this movie done and get this into theaters we’ll turn our attention that way.

Bottom line: X-Force is still definitely happening. Goddard is still very much involved. But the last 8 months or so have been consumed by making Bad Times At The El Royale, and Goddard knows both movies will be better if he can solely focus on one at a time.

X-Force will have Deadpool, Domino and Cable returning from Deadpool 2. Outside of that, the door is open as to who will be part of the team.

If X-Force does become Goddard’s very next movie, it will only be the third one he has directed after Cabin In The Woods and El Royale. Goddard also wrote the first two episodes of Daredevil on Netflix, before leaving to develop the eventually scrapped Sinister Six film. He was nominated for an Academy Award for the script he wrote for The Martian as well.

I like that he focuses on one thing at a time. There are people who spin too many plates, and the work suffers for it. Deadpool and Co. deserve his undivided attention. Fox seems to like that too. So be patient. X-Force is coming, and it’ll be all the better when it does. We’ve seen what happens when movies get rushed for the sake of making a release date, and its best to avoid that at all costs.

Source: Cinemablend


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