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BLACK LIGHTNING Will Have Some Major New Characters In Season 2


Black Lightning completed its first season this year, and it was a massive hit for The CW. Even if it hasn’t been decided whether or not the show is in the Arrowverse, the second season is happening come the fall.

TV Line has a few details on some new characters that will show up in the show’s sophomore season:

A flurry of fresh faces are being cast for Season 2, including a potentially sociopathic scientist named Dr. Jace, a new love interest for Anissa, and… a new principal for Garfield High?!

Okay, let’s go in order. First, Dr. Jace. Dr. Jace is an already existing DC Comics character with ties to Batman and Martian Manhunter. A quick bio from the DC Wikia describes her as a scientist who worked for a royal family.

Dr. Jace was the royal scientist in Markovia. After the death of King Markov, the revolution in the nation turned to aggressive combat and Dr. Jace used experimental science to give Brion Markov, the youngest son of the King, super-powers similar to that of his half-sister, Terra. Jace had hoped that Brion’s powers would save them from the armed enemies, but her laboratory was soon discovered and she was taken prisoner while Brion was apparently killed.

I doubt her story will be exactly that, but a renown scientist can easily be adapted to fit into the Black Lightning-verse. The character description describers her as “sociopathic” so perhaps she will be made the villain of season 2.

Secondly, a new love interest for Anissa. She didn’t have very good luck with her relationships in the first season, and now that she’s a full fledged superhero, it will probably make things more difficult.

The last bit is the most intriguing part for me. The principal of Garfield High is Jefferson Pierce – Black Lightning. If a new Principal comes in, that means things don’t go well for our protagonist. It also means Garfield High is outside of Jefferson Pierce’s protection now. Knowing these CW Shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a sinister move by Dr. Jace or someone instead of a coincidence.

So what do you think of these new characters and the potential stories they will provide?

The second season of Black Lightning premieres Tuesday, October 9 at 9/8C only on The CW.

Source: TVLine


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