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The Play It LOUDcast: Ep. 4 “Mario Tennis Aces & Octopath Traveler Demo Impressions, Razer Making Mice & Keyboards for Xbox One, EA’s All About Fairness Now, Bethesda Sues Westworld Mobile Game Developer & MORE!”


DISCLAIMER: We did have some technical difficulties on this one, mainly effecting Jeremy (we blame his headset) so we apologize in advance. There are moments where he just cuts out/becomes choppy and I believe he also had some issues hearing us, which resulted in some awkward silences. Thanks for sticking with us while we iron out the kinks!

For better or worse, the TRIFORCE is back with another overstuffed episode – and this time it’s not about E3! Join Brett, Robb & Jeremy as they get into all the big news from last week, having fun along the way and even engaging on some hot button issues amongst the gaming community like DLC, loot boxes and game length vs. value.

The show starts off checking in on what the guys have been playing, which leads right into some early impressions on Mario Tennis Aces & the new Octopath Traveler Demo, both for Nintendo Switch and both available now!

After that comes the news & discussions (with new music!), including:

  • Ni No Kuni 2 getting free update with new Difficulty Settings
  • Razer & Microsoft teaming up to have Mouse & Keyboard support for Xbox One?
  • EA is all about fairness now and has learned it’s lesson on loot boxes
  • GameStop looking for buyers
  • Possible Judge Dredd game coming from Rebellion
  • Creator of ‘A Way Out’ is sick of gamers’ obsession with game length & replayability
  • Square-Enix admits the FFVII Remake was announced way too early
  • Bethesda suing Westworld Mobile Game developer for ripping off Fallout Shelter

Then the guys take us home with a listener question, shout out to the current Steam sale, & what’s up with first-party Sony games not being able to be pre-ordered on Amazon?

Listen/Download below!

P.S. What did you think of the altered Intro & new Outro? It’s pretty sweet when one of your co-hosts (Robb) is a voice over artist!

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Brett Miro

Brett is a passionate, excitable and avid consumer of Comics, Movies, TV and Video Games. He has an extensive background in acting, directing, producing and music composition. He's also a lifelong gamer and die-hard Nintendo fan. You can catch him audibly every Monday & Tuesday on 'The Play It LOUDcast' @PlayItLoudRTF and 'The Revengers' @TheRevengersPOD respectively. Talk to him on Twitter @btmiro

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