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Straight From The Fanboy’s Mouth: Breaking Down Friday’s Big DC Rumors (Superman, Batman, Aquaman)


Shared Universe / Batman Rumors

Something else I touched on was the rather open-ended view the studio has with regard to the Shared Universe concept for the cinematic DCU. As they teased back in September of last year, the studio wants to severely alter how interconnected everything is. They said they really want to split all of the characters up, move them onto their own islands, let their individual franchises flourish, and really not worry about crossover events like Batman v Superman or Justice League for a while.

So we’ve known for a while that they were heading in this direction, and on the show I expressed exactly how they seem to be handling the Shared Universe for now. And we can use what’s going on with The Batman as a perfect microcosm for the studio’s philosophy at the moment.

Everything I’m hearing about the film is that it’s going to truly stand on its own, and that Matt Reeves is treating it like it exists in its own space. BUT(!!!) I hear they’re leaving a back door open, so that his Batman could eventually cross paths with the rest of the DC roster down the line if someone gets a great idea and the brand is back on its feet.

As such, The Batman won’t reference anything we’ve seen so far in the DC cinematic canon post-2013, with the studio content to have it stand on its own and determine later on if they want to cross-pollinate Reeves’ Batman with the rest of his DC super-friends.

And the same can be said for practically every DC movie on the horizon, as the primary goal is to launch/relaunch everyone’s solo endeavors, see how successful they are, and then decide what’s next.

I suppose the only really frustrating part of that Wait and See approach is that it makes whatever decisions being made right now seem kind of wishy-washy. It’d be great to know that they’ve set a particular mindset in stone, so that all of these next few films knew exactly what kind of relationship they should have to a Shared Universe, rather than just being complete standalones with the option for shared fun down the line.

But they can’t realistically make any such bold decisions because, in the wake of Justice League, they don’t even know how audiences feel about the DC brand.

That’s what makes Aquaman so important.

Aquaman, The Stakes And The Release Date

Something I discussed on the episode prior to this last one is the importance of Aquaman. Beyond his importance as a character in the DC lore, there’s a lot riding on James Wan’s movie in a much more logistical sense.

The studio needs Aquaman to hit big, or- at the very least- prove that not all hope is lost for the cinematic DCU. Films like Justice League and Solo: A Star Wars Story have shown Hollywood that fans are becoming way more discerning. They send a clear message that you can’t just toss a movie into theaters with a flashy household brand name at the top and expect the cash to roll in. WB/DC can’t afford for Aquaman to go the way of Solo, as they hope Wan’s film actually redeems the franchise and gets it back onto even footing the way Wonder Woman briefly did last year.

Bearing that in mind, I hear they’re strongly considering a release date change for Jason Momoa’s solo outing as Arthur Curry.

It’s just a rumor. One I heard from someone who spoke directly to a high-level executive at DC. And it makes a ton of sense. December 21 is very crowded at the moment. With Bumblebee and the Robert Rodgriguez/James Cameron production Alita: Battle Angel arriving the same day, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse dropping the week prior, and Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns landing a mere four days later, it’s only logical that Warner Bros. would want to move it into a slightly less-crowded weekend.

On the show, I speculated that the perfect weekend would actually be December 7th, since there are no major blockbuster titles arriving on the date and it’d give a number of high-profile releases on the 21st of November 16 days to do some business before Aquaman comes in and takes the throne.

Beyond the strategic sense in moving the DC tentpole’s release date, that same exec mentioned that the studio is feeling very high on the film right now, as it looks like hit-maker James Wan has done it again.

So we’ll see.

There’s more I covered on the show, including a Krypton rumor that I know so little about that I don’t even feel comfortable enough mentioning it here, and my two cents on last week’s big Star Wars rumors and where I think the truth lies there. I suggest you give it a listen and subscribe today!

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