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Straight From The Fanboy’s Mouth: Breaking Down Friday’s Big DC Rumors (Superman, Batman, Aquaman)


On Friday’s edition of the El Fanboy Podcast (which is about to get a subtle, yet significant makeover), I dropped some DC gossip, aka bochinche, on my listeners. Then, as is sometimes the case, some of the nuggets I shared took on a life of their own. I sat back on my birthday weekend and observed as all kinds of interesting headlines were generated out of what I shared, and so today I’d like to give you the lowdown straight from the horse’s mouth, since I think some folks are trying to mislead you and I know that not everyone listens to podcasts.

Before we begin, it should be noted that I haven’t bothered to read any of the dozens of stories I’ve seen published based on my words, so I can’t say who did a good job and who manipulated you for the sake of clicks, but I can say that- moving forward- you should probably just get any info related to what I’m sharing right here on Revenge of The Fans.

I should also note that it practically feels silly to have to commit some of these words to a written report, since much of it was meant to be the casual musings of a guy (me) who has his ear to the ground and is just happy to drop some interesting whispers he thinks you should keep an eye on. If I ever have some sort of crazy, exclusive scoop that I’m certain of, you can rest assured that I’d write it here for the site so that I can later rightfully claim to have broken the story- since there’s value in that. But if I don’t write about it, and I just mention it on the show, that should indicate to you that I’m just having some fun sifting through the insider rumor mill and I’ve come across some stuff you may be interested in.

Of course, I made that all very clear at the top of the show, yet- based on some of the headlines I’ve seen- I think some either ignored or skipped that little disclaimer altogether.

So let’s get right down to it, shall we?

Henry Cavill At SDCC 2018

One of the bits of DC gossip I shared had to do with Superman himself, Henry Cavill. I brought up that WB/DC is mulling over different options for how to feature him at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I pointed out that there are two very interesting ideas on the table- one huge, one cute.

The huge one, of course, would be to have him announce the long-awaited sequel to Man of Steela film I’ve mentioned in the past that Warner Bros. would like to get into theaters in 2020. But I also said that’s far from a sure thing.

I pointed out there are two logistical hurdles before such an announcement can be made:

  • Walter Hamada is said to be really gun shy about announcing films too far in advance, having learned from the mistakes of previous DC bosses
  • With Mission: Impossible- Fallout arriving mere days later, they’re strategically trying to decide if they should wait and see how that film does before they announce his next Superman movie. They’re said to be expecting it to hit big, and to really elevate Cavill’s public profile, which is giving them an extra incentive to hang onto the big announcement until Fallout works its magic on people

To add to that, I’m also hearing that they’re still hammering out details on Henry’s new contract. So there’s an understandable amount of discussion taking place about the timing of things, and making sure that it’s only announced when the time is right and when all the ducks are in a row.

Still, there’s about a month between now and then, so there’s at least a chance that it’ll all get finalized and they could do a big reveal at the show.

Now for the cute option:

I was told by someone close to the situation that there’s also a bunch of consideration being put into the idea of having Cavill be the person to introduce the Shazam! footage they’re planning on showing. It would be a neat move, in that it would help show the connective tissue between Shazam! and the rest of the DCU, and it would add further credence to the fact that Cavill is expected to cameo in the film as Superman.

[Cool Note: On the show, I mentioned my hunch that the Superman scene in Shazam! is between him and Billy Batson (Asher Angel), not Zachary Levi’s Shazam. I was told by someone in-the-know over the weekend that that’s exactly right. And I still suspect that’s what Henry was training and hinting at on Instagram last week.]

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And that was all I had to say on that. WB/DC is kicking around ideas for how to use Cavill at their already-stacked panel at SDCC, and those are the two most tantalizing options on the table. As I cautioned on the show, Comic Con panels are notorious for shifting and changing- with things still getting added or cut right down to the rehearsal for the big show.

So we’ll see what they ultimately decide to do with Henry on July 21.

Up next, I turned my attention over to our buddy Batman…

To read about that, be sure to scroll a little lower and visit PAGE 2 of this report


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