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Kevin Smith In Talks To Helm A Disney Project, Could It Be MARVEL Or STAR WARS?!


This is a news story I never thought I would write. Kevin Smith used to be “that indie director guy.” Now he is “that podcaster who loves superheroes”. But soon he could put his own stamp on one.

FandomWire is reporting that Kevin Smith is talking to Disney about….something, which is huge. Smith has always maintained that Disney would never hire him, but he is loved by many, including the cast and crew of a lot of movies. Just this weekend, he moderated panels with members from The Avengers.

So what could the project be? While it is always a possibility that is an actual Walt Disney Studios production – I would lean more towards a Marvel or Star Wars project. But if it was a Disney production, I would expect it to be something he is passionate about, which is a remake of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He has talked about remaking it many times on his podcast Fat Man on Batman (though with his weight loss, he needs to rebrand the show Skinny Vegan on Negan). The always self-depreciating Smith says someone better than him to direct it, but maybe Disney liked his vision.

Speaking of Vision, Marvel is always an option. He has many friends there, including Stan Lee, James Gunn, and Kevin Feige himself. The MCU is about to lean into its cosmic side and get weird, and the man who made Tusk (do not be even close to sober if you ever decide to watch this movie) and invented bratwurst Nazis can do weird!

But my bet? Star Wars. No, I don’t think he’s stuck with Binks: A Star Wars Story. If you look at the wording of FandomWire‘s story, it says potential project. That doesn’t necessarily mean a movie. My bet would be that he will be involved with Jon Favreau’s live action Star Wars television show. He has a lot of television under his belt now, being a regular in the rotating directors on Supergirl and The Flash. Smith is also friends with Episode IX director J.J. Abrams, The Force Awakens actor Greg Grunberg, and of course, Mark Hamill, who appeared in Smith’s movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. So he has connections in the Star Wars universe as well.

It absolutely could be a movie though, which would be great for Smith. Smith has evolved and changed (for the better) over the years. While I prefer his earlier movies, I prefer the new and improved, less angry and pompous, Kevin Smith.

So think of Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel projects. What would he be perfect for? On a recent episode of Fat Man on Batman, both Smith and cohost Marc Bernardin mentioned they had (separate) projects they couldn’t talk about yet. Perhaps this is Smith’s.

We shall see eventually. Hopefully in the mean time he can find the rest of the funding for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which would bring his career full circle before going off to do what could potentially be the biggest project of his life.

What do you make of this?

Source: FandomWire



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