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IT: CHAPTER TWO Is Keeping One Of The Book’s Darkest Scenes



When IT hit theaters last September, there were two sequences from the original Stephen King novel that I knew had to have been cut. And rightly so, they both were- or at least one was cut and the other was drastically altered from the book. One featured something far too controversial to even consider tackling on the big screen and the other was just too grotesque in its original form.

As for the second half of IT‘s story, when the Losers Club return to Derry as adults, there was another scene that most figured would be cut from next year’s IT: Chapter Two. Yet based on the latest news of casting for the film, it seems that director Andy Muschietti is keeping this particularly grim part of the story intact.

Filmmaker Xavier Dolan will be playing Adrian Mellon in It: Chapter Two, a gay man living in modern day Derry. Fans of the novel will most likely remember that name and what happens to Mellon. As for the uninitiated… I’ll just say this: Mellon does not have a particularly large role in the film, but as the headline reads, it’s a role in one of the most chilling parts of King’s original horror-epic and will likely serve as the film’s cold open.

Alongside Dolan as Mellon, Deadline also reported that Will Beinbrink has been cast as Tom Rogan, Beverly’s abusive husband. Hopefully news will be breaking out soon about who will play Bill’s actress wife, Audra. Personally I’ve got my money on the part going to either Amy Adams or Bryce Dallas Howard, as Audra bears a noticeable resemblance to Beverly in the book.

Are you all excited to see IT: Chapter Two hit theaters next year? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

SOURCE: Deadline

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