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ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Cast List Has An Intriguing Villain On It


The next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rapidly approaching. Ant-Man And The Wasp is coming and we might be in for a few surprises.

There are spoilers for the movie below, so if you want to go in knowing nothing, do not continue reading. brought to our attention that Twitteruser @StitchKingdom released the cast list for the movie, and it has a pretty cool name attached:


The name to pay attention to here is Elihas Starr, played by Michael Cerveris. For those that don’t know, Elihas Starr is known is Marvel Comics as the villain Egghead. Via Wikipedia:

Elihas Starr was born in Queens, New York. A gifted government research atomic scientist with an egg-shaped head, Starr was dismissed for espionage and resolved to use his intellect as a criminal mastermind. He was dealt a humiliating initial defeat by Ant-Man (Hank Pym) when he created a device to communicate with ants and tried to convince them to betray Ant-Man by leading him into a fly paper trap. Ant-Man tricked him into thinking the ants had betrayed him before revealing that the ants were his friends and would never turn against him. Egghead later captured the Wasp to try luring Hank into a trap involving several creatures, including an iguana and an anteater, but this failed. Egghead divided his remaining years between attempted world conquest and seeking revenge on Pym, often hiding out in the Bowery section of Manhattan in between.

So, if they stick true to this, it could be a villain we see in the flashbacks when we see Hank and Janet as Ant-Man and the Wasp. If they modernize and update, then Scott and Hope might have their hands full. It isn’t uncommon to have two villains in one film. But often times the story becomes muddled. With the flashback aspect, it could be the perfect way to do both.

This comes from the same person who released the cast list for Solo, which told us who Warwick Davis was playing, so I’m pretty confident this is true also.

Are you familiar with Egghead? Are you excited to see him on the big screen? Let us know!


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