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THE REVENGERS: ‘The Snyder Cut Campaign Rages On, DC Launching Its Black Label, Halloween, and 87 Star Wars Movies’


On this week’s packed edition of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast of Revenge of The Fans, the RTF Trinity takes a look at the state of the Snyder Cut movement, Toby Emmerich’s misleadingly biting commentary about the future of DC and Warner Bros. under his guidance, DC’s Black Label moving forward with the Joaquin Phoenix Joker origin, some new insights on Halloween, and the way Lucasfilm is apparently going to really test the idea of Star Wars Fatigue.

There’s zero fat on Episode 19 as The Revengers dive right in to the week’s big topics, with MFR having a lot to say about the way people are covering the latest chatter surrounding the Snyder Cut of Justice League in a spoken word follow-up to his big report from yesterday. He’s got added insight on what’s missing from the coverage and what fans need to understand about the terms being thrown around.

Resident Batman super fan Brett has plenty to say about all of these developments surrounding the Joker origin movie that seems to be gearing up in a major way right now.

Vanessa’s got a lot of great things to celebrate on this edition, too, as there are some great stories about the female empowerment we’re set to see in films like Aquaman and Halloween later this year.

You can check out Episode 19 of The Revengers, titled “The Snyder Cut Campaign Rages On, DC Launching Its Black Label, Halloween, and 87 Star Wars Movies” right here:

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