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Brad Bird Talks About Doing more INCREDIBLES Films


The Incredibles 2 came out this past weekend and is already a massive hit for Disney and Pixar.

Despite being a sequel to a 14-year-old film, the superhero sequel’s massive $180 million opening weekend shows there’s a demand for more of the Parr family and their world. Director Brad Bird spoke to EW about the possibility of an Incredibles 3 and about the various ideas he and his team had come up with that didn’t ultimately make it into the sequel.

We storyboarded, and we designed characters, and they’re really good! Some of them were really funny and cool and explored certain things. You know, you never say never, because there might be an opportunity to use it. Maybe the idea shows up in a different film. There was an idea I had for an animated version of The Spirit that I ended up using in The Iron Giant. You never know how these things are going to get repurposed. There were a lot of ideas that we had on this film that could be [used]… whether it’s another Incredibles film, or something else.

Bird’s reasoning for much of the cut material was due to a lost year of production time because Pixar had swapped the release dates for The Incredibles 2 with another major Pixar film, Toy Story 4.

It’s like the episode of I Love Lucy when she’s got the candies piling up on the conveyor belt. This film was like that. They took a year off our schedule, so if an idea didn’t work quickly, you had to just kill the darling and move onto the next. And I killed like a city full of darlings.

While it’s a shame that many of these ideas didn’t make it into Incredibles 2, it’s encouraging to hear that Bird may work whatever these ideas were into a future sequel or spin off these ideas into other movies. Like many other comic book universes, the world of The Incredibles can focus on other characters and ideas outside of just the Parr family.

While there’s nothing concrete about the future of the Incredibles franchise just yet, Disney may have to start booking some meetings with Bird.

The Incredibles 2 is in theaters now.

Source: EW


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