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Batman Prequel PENNYWORTH Reportedly Set To Start Production Before The End of The Year


Right around the time that fans of the Fox series Gotham were given the good news that the show would be returning for a shortened final season, word hit the next that Epix was planning its own DC prequel series set in the Batman mythos. The show would center on Alfred Pennyworth, the man who would go on to become a father figure, confidant, and all around partner to Bruce Wayne, and would be set long before his time as a butler for the Wayne family began.

The reaction to this Pennyworth series was, at best, mixed. But here we are today with a fresh report about the status of the show.

According to our friends over at Omega Underground, Pennyworth could start filming in the UK as early as this fall, or as late as this winter. Regardless, the site seems confident that production will begin before the year is over, under the guidance of Gotham executive producers Bruno Heller and Danny Canon.

Despite both shows being prequels set in the Batman mythos, both coming from Heller and Canon, and both featuring a younger Alfred, there is said to be no canonical connection between Gotham and Pennyworth. This means that the Alfred we’ll meet on this new series won’t be a younger version of the Alfred on Gotham, played by Sean Pertwee.

Pennyworth will be rewinding the timeline all the way back to when Alfred fought in the British special forces alongside Thomas Wayne, and the show is said to be set in London.

Epix has green-lit a 10-episode first season for the show.

SOURCE: Omega Underground


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