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James Wan Sends A Message About The Underwater Communication In AQUAMAN



Amidst the many little moments poked at and mulled over by last year’s Justice League, there was a brief scene at the end of the Atlantis set-piece where Jason Momoa’s Aquaman shared a quick exchange with his love interest to be Mera (played by Amber Heard). Bizarrely though, this short talk took place in a CGI air bubble- rather than just doing what comic books typically do. You know, ignore science and focus on narrative logic by just letting the characters talk underwater normally.

After the film hit theaters, director James Wan was asked repeatedly whether or not this odd choice would continue into his own Aquaman film. As far as I can remember, Wan confirmed at the time that he had no plans to implement the air bubbles and would just allow the characters to speak regularly underwater. Wan recently confirmed this piece of information once again with Entertainment Weekly. Wan simply said, “People are overthinking it. They’re just gonna talk!

There’s a lot of positive buzz surrounding Wan’s upcoming Aquaman film, with word of the film’s early test screenings going over very well and its first trailer hopefully being released sometime in the near future. And while something as bizarre as whether or not a director might use CGI air bubbles probably sounds trivial in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually a creative decision that could have had massive repercussions in the film had Wan opted to continue that approach for a full movie.

After all, this is an Aquaman movie. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a hefty number of important scenes can and probably will occur underwater. Why break the pacing of the film at every turn by having characters wait a bit so they can make an air bubble to talk in and then deflate it shortly after? As Wan said, these characters are “just gonna talk!

What do you think though? Are you excited to see Wan’s vision for Aquaman? Be sure to share your comments with us in the comments section below!

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