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DC’s “Elseworld” Stories Could Be Branded Under A Different Name


There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Warner Bros and DC right now. With AT&T having just bought Time Warner, the future is unknown. Walter Hamada has been named sole President of DC Entertainment at Warner Bros, after Geoff Johns moved to a different role. It is his job to secure the future of the DC Universe on screen.

Hamada has a huge mess to sort through. As one insider so succinctly put it to The Hollywood Reporter:

“He walked into a sh*tshow, and he’s trying to clean it up,”

Through all of that mess, Hamada decided to focus on a new take for The Flash, and Matt Reeves’s Batman film, which has been in development for a while.

But there are still two Joker movies in development as well – one with Jared Leto returning to the role, and a separate standalone – or “Elseworld” one directed by Todd Phillips.

“Elseworld” stories seem to be the way to go for DC under Hamada. The same report says they are even coming up with names to brand the Elseworld Universe separately. “DC Dark” and “DC Black” are two names being considered.

Having a “DC Universe” and a separate but concurrent “DC Dark Universe” or “DC Black Universe” would open up intriguing storytelling possibilities. One could still focus on big tentpole heroes, while the other could do low budget and riskier flicks.

Hamada isn’t winging it however, though we can’t see all of the pieces, he might be the one to lead DC out of its mess.

“Walter has a specific design for the universe,” says one insider familiar with his thinking. “He has a plan.”

There have been so many things announced. Several different Harley Quinn movies, from standalones to Birds of Prey to Gotham City Sirens. There is a Batgirl movie still apparently in development, as well as Suicide Squad 2. But let’s stick with what is concrete: Aquaman is happening. Shazam is happening. Wonder Woman 2 (which is apparently titled Wonder Woman 1984 just began filming yesterday,) is happening. Those are three huge things to be excited about! So let’s focus on that, while Hamada sorts everything else out behind the scenes.

So what do you think of the potential branding for the Elseworld Stories?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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