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RUMOR: FLASH Film to Take Influence From BACK TO THE FUTURE


The wheels seem to be finally in-motion for the solo Flash film!

According to THR, the Scarlet Speedster’s film is rumored to start production in early 2019, with Game Night‘s John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein still attached to direct and Ezra Miller returning as Barry Allen. It was also confirmed that the film will indeed have a lighter tone.

The publication also notes that the flick will take some influences from the Back to the Future films, which makes a lot of sense when considering that both deal heavily in time-travel. This does bring into question just what Daly and Goldstein will have up their sleeves in terms of plot.

The long-troubled Flash film was surprisingly changed into a Flashpoint adaptation, which simultaneously excited and confused fans after it was announced at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. With recent reports coming out that this film will no longer be Flashpoint, one has to wonder, with this film using Back to the Future as a touchstone, will we still see some of Flashpoint ingrained into the new Flash script? Could this film still see Barry go back in time and try to prevent his mother’s death, thus causing changes in his own timeline?

That part’s pure speculation on my part, but, regardless of what this Flash film becomes, Daly and Goldstein have proven they can balance lighthearted comedy with a pinch of drama with Game Night and their contributions to the Spider-Man: Homecoming script.

What do you guys think of The Flash taking some inspiration from Back to the Future?

Source: THR

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