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Fox Gives Update On GAMBIT Solo Movie



The Thing That Will Not Die is back at it again. No, not the “Is Ben Affleck Still Playing Batman Or Not?” rumor. The Gambit solo movie that would be starring Channing Tatum is back in the news cycle, following word from a Russian news site BulletinKino that Fox apparently gave attendees at their CineEurope presentation an update on the project. Aside from screening a trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix to the audience, Fox also mentioned that The New Mutants and Gambit were other projects planned for their Marvel universe.

Last month, X-Men producer Simon Kinberg revealed in an interview with Variety that the team “had a script that everybody loves.” Kinberg mentioned that he was also optimistic about the idea of production for the film starting by the end of this summer. To date though, Fox has yet to select a director for the film that would shoot this script.

I hate to be a Nagging Nancy on this for fans of Gambit, but I’m still skeptical of the film ever happening. At least in this particular incarnation. How long has Tatum been attached to this film now? How many writers and directors have signed on for the project, only to leave shortly after? And that’s not even going into the whole topic of 20th Century Fox being on the verge of a purchase by either Disney or Comcast.

But I’d love to be wrong. I’m not a massive fan of Gambit myself, but I’d check out a solo film on the character if it ever happens. I think Tatum would do a great job in the role and if the Disney sell goes through, I hope Feige considers keeping his casting onboard for whenever Marvel Studios would be able to implement the X-Men cast into the MCU.

What do you think though? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

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