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THE REVENGERS: “Breaking Down The Big DC/Geoff Johns News, Green Lantern Corpse, Deathstroke Rumors, And HALLOWEEN!”


In another stacked edition of The Revengers: The Official Movie & TV Podcast for Revenge of The Fans, the RTF Trinity of Vanessa Lee Bontea, Brett Thomas Miro, and Mario-Francisco Robles waste no time delving right into the biggest story of the week: Geoff Johns is out as DC’s CCO, but he’s IN as a writer/producer for Green Lantern Corps(e)– what that means for the balance of power at DC, and Johns’ standing within the studio, for Green Lantern fans, and how the reporting of this news led to latest round of “Is Ben Affleck Vacating Batman’s Cowl?

From there, they tackle other interesting stories and rumors floating around.

Things like:

  • Will Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke finally get a chance to shine as the villain of Suicide Squad 2, now that it’s been revealed that his solo film isn’t coming anytime soon?
  • What does the success of Ocean’s 8 mean for the cinematic landscape- and what are its implications for Warner Bros/DC as they prepare to launch their own “girl gang” movie, Birds of Prey?
  • The new Halloween trailer has got everyone buzzing, but what should we expect from this reboot/sequel/relaunch?

Also, Brett speaks out against the name Karen, and The Revengers take a look at some of the other trailers that recently dropped.

You can listen to Episode 18 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “Breaking Down The Big DC/Geoff Johns News, Green Lantern Corpse, Deathstroke Rumors, And HALLOWEEN!” right here:

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Mario-Francisco Robles

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