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OCEAN’S 8 Director Gary Ross Reveals Why A Couple Of Cameos Were Cut From The Film


***There will be spoilers in this article pertaining to Ocean’s 8***

Going in to see Ocean’s 8, I expected to see a few cameos from Danny Ocean’s gang. In fact, I knew we would, because I read about two actors who filmed small scenes for the spinoff. So I was surprised when the two cameos that ended up in Ocean’s 8 were not the ones I originally read about.

I had expected to see Saul Bloom and Linus Caldwell – the oldest and youngest member’s of Ocean’s crew in the film. Carl Reiner and Matt Damon – their respective actors – both said they filmed a small part in the movie. Instead we got two different (but still pretty cool) cameos. So what happened to Damon and Reiner? Was that all just talk? A red herring? Director Gary Ross talks to The Hollywood Reporter about it:

“[Picking the cameos] is an eclectic process of: how does it fit in the story and how is the narrative unfolding? This more than any movie I’ve done had a really copious editorial process where you play with stuff, you find stuff. I’ve never shot anything after I’ve wrapped on any other movie before, but in a heist movie and an ensemble movie, you’re still working on the play. And we did a bunch of that, and so that was satisfying as well.”

Some people thought Damon’s cameo was cut after he made some tone deaf and insensitive remarks about the #MeToo movement. If that is true, Ross wouldn’t say. Speaking specifically about Damon, Ross said:

“There were a lot of people who were gracious to us that just for editorial and storytelling reasons didn’t make it in and some who did. If you know, we ended up shooting probably another 10 days afterwards, so there’s a lot of material and a lot of shaping. But it really just comes to storytelling.”

So it sounds like Saul and Linus didn’t add much to the story. The two cameos that do make it in have story purposes. One is character driven, the other is plot driven. We will never know if Damon’s remarks did have anything to do with being cut, but perhaps we will see both cameos in the deleted scenes or some sort of extended edition when Ocean’s 8 comes out on home media.


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