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STAR WARS: Producer Ram Bergman Talks Rian Johnson’s Trilogy


The future of the Star Wars franchise has been a subject of debate as of late.

With Solo: A Star Wars Story flopping at the box office, many have started to question if Lucasfilm will change course on some of the film ideas they have in development, including Rian Johnson’s new trilogy.

It seems like, presently, things are continuing for Johnson’s trilogy. Speaking with From the GrapevineThe Last Jedi producer Ram Bergman talked about the new trilogy and reiterated that the new trilogy will take place away from the Skywalker Saga

It’s a completely new trilogy that writer-director Rian Johnson, my partner, is going to create. It’s all new characters. Everything is new.

When pressed about when we would actually see the first film in Johnson’s new trilogy, Bergman said they didn’t have a date for it yet, but it may be in the next few years. It would make sense to have a film from Johnson’s trilogy come out ever other year.

Johnson first spoke about his trilogy taking place away from the Skywalker Saga earlier this year and, at this point, that may be the franchise’s saving grace. With fans being angry over how The Last Jedi handled fan favorite characters like Luke Skywalker and the reactions over the latest news that a Boba Fett film being lukewarm at best, a change in scenery  may be what the Star Wars franchise needs to survive in the long run.

It’s still early days in the development of Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy, but, hopefully, this new trilogy will be enough to satisfy fans and bring back the audience that the franchise has lost over the last several months.

Source: From the Grapevine


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