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Set Pictures From WONDER WOMAN 2 Reveal An 80s Washington DC


We have known for a while now that Wonder Woman 2 would take place in the 80’s. The setting outside of that is relatively unknown, but now it seems we will get at least a few scenes in a very meta setting – DC’s Wonder Woman 2 will go to Washington DC, at least if these set pictures are to be believed.

Twitter user @AllTheOne64 claims to have been on the set, and snapped a few pics of 80’s cars in a parking garage.

Take these with a grain of salt, but it certainly seems like Diana will be in the District for some reason. Of course, if she isn’t that doesn’t mean other characters can’t be that will somehow impact what Diana is doing.

We know that Cheetah is the villain of the movie, and that it will deal with the cold war between Russia and the United States.

With the film presumably taking place in 1984, there is a lot that can be mined from that time for Diana to deal with.

What would you like to see in Wonder Woman 2? How do you think Washington DC will play into it? Will Diana go see Ronald Reagan?

And did you listen to last week’s episode of The Revengers Podcast? On that show, Mario-Francisco Robles posited that the 1984 setting could mean the story has Orwellian elements, with Diana fighting totalitarianism and the looming threat of Big Brother- meaning the film would be fairly allegorical. What would you think if it went that route?

Wonder Woman 2 is will be in theaters everywhere on November 1, 2019.

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