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The Play It LOUDcast: Ep. 1 “The Big Pre-E3 Blowout”


Revenge of the Fans is proud to introduce the newest addition to it’s podcast family – The Play It LOUDcast!

At long last, Revenge of the Fans now has an Official Gaming Podcast for your listening pleasure. The show will be a weekly podcast covering news/announcements, discussions & insight on all things gaming!

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On our inaugural episode host Brett Thomas Miro (of The Revengers podcast) and RTF contributors Robb Moreira & Jeremy Scully dive into all the news, leaks, rumors and announcements revolving around E3 2018!

We start off with some introductions, sharing some of our favorite games, who we are, what we’re playing and then roll straight into Pre-E3 hype!

This episode is jam-packed with discussions, including deep dives on:

  • Third Parties – Bethesda, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square-Enix, EA
  • Microsoft
  • Sony
  • Nintendo

What do these companies need to do to be successful? What do we expect to see out of the games we know will be there? What do we think about some of these leaks/rumors floating around the interwebs?

Finally, we close the show with some predictions and dream announcements! Listen/Download below!

We’re so excited to be bringing you this show and we hope you enjoy! We’ll be back mid-next week with some Post-E3 coverage before settling on a weekly Monday release moving forward!

Right now we are on iTunes & Podbean, but that’ll be followed by even more podcast services and we’ll keep you updated as they roll out.

You can reach out to us with questions, comments, suggestions, etc. We want to hear from you and definitely want to be able to shout out to our listeners and answer any questions you all have right on the show!

The Official Twitter account: @PlayItLoudRTF

Contact us, your hosts, on Twitter @btmiro, @robbmoreiravo & @jscullycomics


Email us at: playitloudcast@gmail.com

Please like, share, subscribe, retweet, leave a review & all of the things! It helps more than you know!


Brett Miro

Brett is a passionate, excitable and avid consumer of Comics, Movies, TV and Video Games. He has an extensive background in acting, directing, producing and music composition. He's also a lifelong gamer and die-hard Nintendo fan. You can catch him audibly every Monday & Tuesday on 'The Play It LOUDcast' @PlayItLoudRTF and 'The Revengers' @TheRevengersPOD respectively. Talk to him on Twitter @btmiro

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